Our History

500 years of fusion help define Peruvian gastronomy as one of the most diverse in the world. The mix of flavors, enviable biodiversity, incredible aromas and innumerable cooking techniques make it one of the most varied and exquisite cuisines found internationally. Our restaurants utilize Peruvian products in age-old recipes balancing the coexisistence of both contemporary and avant garde cuisine with traditional Peruvian cooking. Each of our restaurants has its own essence that is determined by the type of cuisine it offers, whether that be creole soul-food, contemporary, home-style or traditional “picantería” style. Each locale provides a unique world of flavors, aromas, decoration, ambience and service.

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If you would like to try South American wine and Peruvian Pisco, throughout this experience we cover the characteristics and properties of each drink as well as the differences found between these and other drinks around the world in a fun, didactic and professional setting.

Both South American wine and Pisco have become trend setters internationally; reserve a tasting to try them today with Cusco Dining Restaurants.

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Te contamos nuestra historia como mejor sabemos, a través de la comida. Haremos un recorrido divertido por tres restaurantes con conceptos y cocinas muy distintas.

Empezaremos en unos de los mejores restaurantes tradicionales de la ciudad del Cusco, La Feria, donde degustaremos nuestra bebida ancestral y platos representativos del país.

Continuaremos nuestro tour visitando Marcelo Batata, este restaurante expresa la realidad actual de la gastronomía, lugar donde disfrutaremos…

Write to us: reservas@cuscodining.com

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La Feria Restaurant

Portal de Panes 123, 2nd Floor, Cusco

Phone: 084 286198

Mobile: 922132407

Open daily

12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Marcelo Batata Restaurant

Calle Palacio 121, 2nd Floor, Cusco

Phone: 084 222424

Mobile: 984115597

Open daily

12:30 pm – 10:00 pm

UCHU Restaurant

Calle Palacio 135, Cusco

Phone: 084 246598

Mobile: 984115587

Open daily

12:30 pm – 10:00 pm